Monday, April 8, 2013

Chinese Drywall Additional Information

I have had many calls from homeowners with questions about Chinese Drywall.  I perform home inspections and can identify the signs of Chinese Drywall.  I have performed research into Chinese Drywall and I hope some of the links below can be of use to homeowners and their search for answers.  If you are searching for answers to health questions verify with your home inspector that you do in fact have Chinese Drywall and consult your physician.  

Question:  What year homes were the most effected by Chinese Drywall?

Answer:  Chinese Drywall began arriving in the United States in 2001.  Home built from 2001 on may contain Chinese Drywall.  Homes repaired and remodeled after 2001 may contain Chinese Drywall. The problem with identifying a year that a home may contain Chinese drywall is that some builder suppliers may have had quantities siting in a warehouse or a builder or contractor may have purchased it and not used it until needed.  Homes built, repaired or remodeled up until 2010 or even later may contain Chinese Drywall. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Chinese Drywall Litigation

IRS Chinese Drywall Deduction

If you suspect you have Chinese Drywall call your local home inspector for a home inspection and ask if they check for Chinese Drywall.  For health and breathing problems consult your physician.  I hope these links will provide you with the information you are seeking about Chinese Drywall.

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  1. I had no idea what Chinese drywall was and its effects. My home was built in 2005. I want to make sure my house is safe. I need to schedule an appointment with a safety inspector to make sure we are safe or talk about safety measures and any other option.